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Destinations in Italy


Puglia is a treasure trove of art, history, and nature. A land of sun and hospitality, it's located on a strip of land in southeastern Italy, in a strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean. Centuries of history and a range of charming landscapes are just some of the reasons why it's such a unique destination, one where you'll enjoy some truly unforgettable experiences.
Puglia, with its 800 km (500 miles) of coastline, is hugged by two incredible seas. The Ionian and the Adriatic have crafted a variety of different shores, with steep cliffs overlooking colorful sea bottoms and golden beaches sloping into crystal clear waters. Inland, the uncontaminated realm of nature comprises great valleys and gentle hills covered with olive trees, vineyards, and luxuriant forests, as well as some surprising Mediterranean gravine (ravines).
From the Ancient Greeks to the Romans, from the Byzantines to the Normans, and from the Swabians to the Angevins, many civilizations have followed one another in ruling Puglia. Over the years, numerous archaeological excavations have brought back to light priceless artifacts and works of art and architecture testifying to the history and wide-ranging cultures of the different societies that were once here. And so you'll find menhirs, cave churches, medieval castles, Baroque and Romanesque churches, noble palaces and historical residences, enchanted hamlets and art cities, charming masserie (manor farms) and casali (rural homes).
In addition to this exceptional heritage, there are also three Unesco World Heritage Sites: Castel del Monte, the mysterious fortress of Fredrick II (near Andria); the trulli, characteristic drystone huts, unique in the world; and the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo in Monte Sant’Angelo, a masterpiece of medieval art and an international pilgrimage destination.
Puglia is shrouded in a magical atmosphere, where the past embraces the present, and where ancient religious and popular traditions are safeguarded. Towns and cities come to life with thousands of lights, colors, sounds, as they commemorate their devotion to patron saints with lively celebrations and festivities. In Puglia, ancient customs are perpetuated through rituals related to harvests and fishing, and the work of master craftsmen.
The authentic Puglia can also be enjoyed at the table. Its food and wine are an explosion of exceptional flavors. The secret is in the ingredients, all genuine and locally grown, which give rise to superb extra virgin olive oil and exquisite wines. The quality of life in Puglia is excellent and the weather is always warm. Every season countless events, festivals, and international fairs enliven the region. Moreover, this land is also a perfect film set for directors and famous stars. From the Gargano and Daunia to Imperial Puglia, from the Terra di Bari (land of Bari), to Magna Graecia, Murge and the gravine (ravines), passing through the Itria Valley and Murgia dei Trulli, all the way down to the Salento: you'll feel at home everywhere you go. Hospitality comes first and the people of Puglia will always welcome you with a smile.
Holidays in Puglia are getting more and more glamorous, with an increasing number of tourists coming from all over the world thanks to convenient and fast connections. You can easily reach Puglia from any major European capital, with direct flights to Bari and Brindisi, as well as several boat and ferry options.
Puglia is waiting for you. Let this extraordinary land captivate you.


"There is nothing in the world comparable to the city of Rome. "These words surround all the fascination and emotion of a city that, for more than 2000 years, represents the throbbing heart of the known world.

Visiting Rome means walking in an open-air museum, traversing 27 centuries of history: excavations that shed light on the first settlements of pastoral communities that founded the city in the 7th-6th century. C., passing by the glorious monuments of the republican and imperial age; for medieval walls and castles, for Renaissance and Baroque palaces and gardens, gardens, squares and fountains, for new ultra-modern buildings, not to mention the wonderful churches from all ages and scattered in every corner from the city.

As if that were not enough, Rome is characterized by a pleasant climate, almost always warm and sunny, from traditional cuisine, known for its mouth-watering dishes, numerous craft shops, hidden corners to delicious coffee to sit and sip an aperitif large green spaces where you can spend time making beautiful walks.

In short, Rome is really the place for a dream vacation! Even spending only a few hours in the Eternal City will be able to remove indelible memories and start with the only desire to return ... as soon as possible!!

Florence and Tuscany

Florence has stayed for centuries with elegance travelers seeking a delight for the soul. Stone, whose presence is triumphant, the water that ennobles the city and the light as cause and effect of the architectural genius, are the fundamental elements of a place that belongs to the universe and its inhabitants.

If we think of Florence, art and history come to mind: the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, the Vasari Corridor and the Pitti Palace. Think of the cradle of the Renaissance and the glorious traces left by such illustrious people as Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Donatello and Leonardo. We think of the eternal struggle between Guelfs and Ghibellines and the father of the Italian language, Dante Alighieri.

If shopping is our passion, we will certainly not be able to resist the fascinating goldsmiths and exhibitions of high fashion stores Florence flirts. It will also be difficult to resist the world-renowned San Lorenzo market benches for leather crafts.

Are we gourmet enthusiasts? Florence is able to satisfy the best palates thanks to its modern restaurants. Even the most traditional ones will find "bread" for their teeth thanks to more traditional taverns where you can taste great Florentines accompanied by a good glass of Chianti wine.

Finally, Florence is the ideal starting point to visit the other wonderful places that Tuscany offers, including Pisa, Lucca, Siena and San Gimignano.


A unique city, a real outdoor museum where you breathe art in every corner.

Venice never stops giving emotions and surprises. Whenever it will be like the first. There will always be small details or details that will leave our mouths open.

In addition to the spectacular St. Mark's Square, defined by Napoleon Bonaparte as "the most beautiful living room in Europe", the beautiful basilica and the imposing ducal palace, the city offers many fascinating and picturesque amateurs.

The city, made up of 100 islands connected by more than 400 bridges, is a maze! By leaving us in its streets and squares (called calle and fields in Venetian dialect), we can mix with the Venetians and discover the hidden corners.

We will be delighted with a "shadow" (local white wine) accompanied by "cicchetti" (typical tapas) in some bars near the Rialto Bridge.

We will not be able to give up a romantic gondola ride, let us go live music, discover the small water channels hidden behind the largest Grand Canal.

Finally, we can not leave Venice without first visiting the islands of Laguna, Murano, Burano and Torce llo, which make garlands to the city with their explosion of cheerful colors and their fragile treasures.

Milan and the lake district

The world capital of music thanks to the Teatro alla Scala; fashion designers, trendy boutiques and fashion shows; entertainment thanks to thousands of avant-garde nightclubs, visiting Milan is a must if we want to keep up with the times...

But that's not all: Milan can also boast a substantial cultural heritage and a unique culinary tradition.

Even the artistic treasures of this city are numerous and surprising: the majestic cathedral with its imposing baroque and neo-Gothic facade, the labyrinthine Castello Sforzesco, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the La Scala theater, inaugurated in 1778, and considered as the temple of 'The Italian Opera, Leonardo Da Vinci's great masterpiece' The Ultima Dena ', kept inside the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

In the surroundings, you certainly deserve a visit to the lakes, surrounded by small picturesque villages and a luxuriant nature full of colors and inebriating fragrances.

Milan is this and much more, and it's definitely worth visiting and discovering in person what this city can offer. We will not be disappointed!

Naples and the amalfi coast

Naples is a separate world; a city that has the structure of a novel. The streets are full of stories that need to be transcribed. The stories of ancient and modern flavors such as this city which, over time, have accentuated the unconventional character of its beauty.

The old palaces, the sumptuous portals, the streets that rise and fall, the castles, the churches that cling to the houses and overlap them. Not far away, Vesuvius, the life and soul of this city, seems very close. At his feet Pompeii, magnificent as the broken story he tells.

Facing the Gulf, which unexpectedly acquires different forms, descending to the Amalfi Coast, an extraordinary mix of history and nature.

Here is Sorrento, a small town on a plateau surrounded by green gardens of orange and lemon: a lush expanse of terraces, loggias and hotels overlooking the sea between pines and palm trees.

Then, again Positano, Ravello and Amalfi, are real corners of paradise, perched on rocky shores.

In the distance, the islands: Capri, the world; Ischia, the most severe; and Procida the least traveled.


Sicily is, without a doubt, a very singular island. The concept of "island" usually corresponds to a compact set of races and customs.

But here everything is mixed, swirling and contradictory as in the most composite of continents. There are innumerable Sicilies: this ocher of the stone of the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento; the white salt pans; this violet of the lava of Etna; the blue of the sea; the gold of the dome of Palermo and Monreale; ripe yellow and red citrus fruits. Then there is Sicily the liberty of Palermo and the Baroque of Noto; the world of Taormina and the isolated of Erice; the lively and multicolored market of Vuccirìa market in Palermo and the silent and ancient Roman villa of Piazza Armerina.

Many Sicilies because the island has been fortunate enough to be articulated over the centuries between Western and Eastern culture, between Africa and Europe; suffering from an excess of identity: the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, all came from here and tried to make this island unique. They left some traces, of course, but no one managed to change it.


Island in the absolute sense, with its distinctive geographical and cultural personality, a single block, almost a continent to itself, with its own language, unmistakable landscapes, even with a different fauna.

Wind-swept island, arid and wild inside; comfortable on the coast where she becomes a beach island. Beaches of sand that blend from white to pink to gold, smooth pebbles, limestone, rocks fringed with icings and Mediterranean flowers; beaches washed by a crystal clear sea with all shades of blue; deserted beaches, exclusive beaches, hidden beaches.

The magic island for beauty, a fair of its origins, authentic in the traditions, rich in works of art and surprising in the gastronomy. A mysterious island like the nuraghs that mount it, the silent witnesses of an ancient civilization. The Catalan island as in Alghero, the Phoenician island as in Tharros. Crafts island like jewels, ceramics and baskets woven by hand .... Isola

Minor cities

In addition to the most famous cities, Italy offers many other destinations, small jewels, still unknown, which is a pleasant surprise for tourists: Bergamo, Bologna, Turin and Genoa are just some examples .

These places offer the possibility of organizing very interesting itineraries and are generally cheaper than the most famous cities.